In the past, the North of Thailand, kantoke was more of a ceremony presented only to very honored guests which are invited and welcomed with the utmost respect and honor in the home of the humble host. The times has changed but the spirit of the northern tradition still be alives and revisited as well-known as "Kantoke" dinners of today.

At Kantoke Palace, the tradition of the graceful entertainments is relived to the height of its charms.For the memorable moments and your impression the blend of designs and settings to ensure the great comforts was be done,Kantoke hall is comfortably cool with airconditioning.For the tables and seats,the plenty of leg-room had been specially designed and adapted for western customers so you can enjoy dinner by sit on the floor as the traditional northern manner with complete ease.

At night, along with a great meal you also more enjoy with our trained groups of dancers and musicians. Not only watch our shows but you also get a chance to join us for dancing in a spectacular show of Lanna and Tribal dances.

Kantoke Palace reserves you the original of traditional setting and moods of Lanna, and lets you relax in the easy atmosphere.Indulge yourself and enjoy the delectable nothern Thai dishes catered for you with our great service and smile.

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